Premier League Visitors

Last week we were very lucky to be visited by TWO Women’s Premier League players; Charlton Athletic’s Centre Midfielder Katie Bottom and West Ham Ladies / India’s No.1 Adi Chauhan.

Adi delivered a goal keeping master class to our advanced players aged 12-15. She went through the fundamentals of shot stopping, closing down the attacker, how to dive safely and distribution. By the end of the session all the girls were extremely proud of themselves demonstrating they would be able to step into the position if ever needed. Adi was very impressed with how quick the girls picked up the skills and how they transferred them into the conditioned games. It was also a great insight for our attacking players to see how a goal keeper thinks especially during the quick 1 vs 1 situations. Thank you Adi!

Katie Bottom decided her master class’s theme would be how she scored her first goal for Charlton; her head! She demonstrated the importance of both defensive and attacking heading techniques to the 7-11 year olds. The heading practices simulated different game situations, the girls chose what type of movements they had to make prior to the header in order to generate a better technique. At the beginning many girls were scared of the ball, by the end Charlton’s centre midfielder managed to convince the youngsters that the ball was their friend not an enemy. The girls were very excited after the session to win a personalised photo too. Thank you Katie!

Katie Bottom's First Goal for CAFCShe Can Play Premier League Visitors

India's No.1 GK Adi

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