The devil wears ... SHE CAN PLAY

The devil wears ... SHE CAN PLAY

Well never in my life did I think it would take two years to design a football kit!  Colour shades, stitching, printing, embroidery, elasticity, length of sleeves, what it looks like after 5 washes, how it feels when you play, will this size fit a 9 year old?  Is this comfy or is this fabric making me sweat more? The amount of samples i've received, tried on, measured, sent back to FINALLY get to an end product. My hat goes off to the sportswear and fashion industry. 

I'm looking forward to organising the photo shoot, receiving the feedback on the football kit and using this as a platform to make our next product even better. Along with the football kit, we are launching a team tracksuit that I adore. On reflection, maybe wasn't the wisest move for our first collection to be stocked in 11 different sizes for girls AND women. However I wanted our first product to be inclusive to as much of the female market as possible... including plus size women.  One area of the sportswear market that I feel could do with improving. 

 Our aim as a sportswear brand is to specialise in creating quality sportswear that females feel comfortable and confident in. Embedded across our Debut football kits and tracksuits is the heart beat design. During the design process, I wanted the heart beat to represent the passion behind girls and women's football. Anyone who works or participates within the female pathway knows where we have come from to get to this point. Our current professional footballers are here thanks to a generation of female footballers who made so many sacrifices. Working full time jobs to pay the bills, constantly battling gender stereotypes while killing it on the pitch to raise the profile of our game.

One aspect of women's sportswear that I spend a lot of time thinking about isn't actually a physical problem. It's a factor that influences participation in women's sport in general; what you look like when you're hot, bothered and sweat pouring off you. Every woman at some point is self conscious when exercising, do I look like a whale in this? One of our deepest fears is the feeling of looking silly or not fitting in properly. For women playing football, this is only heightened from entering a typically male dominated sport.

Take a minute to imagine how a woman must feel wanting to play football for the first time, probably feeling insecure venturing into the unknown, doesn't look like a Victoria secrets model but wants to exercise in something that makes her feel great. For the 1% that look like a feminine goddess after playing football fair play. For the rest of us that need something to wear when we sweat, go red, chafe and pull wedgies out wearing the wrong underwear (all whilst trying to catch out breath)..... SCP Sportswear are here for YOU!

So, lets see if we can get you girls feeling less self conscious bombing it up and down that pitch!  


Kat x 

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