SHE CAN PLAY Honors Excellence at Annual Presentation Evening




Chelmsford, Essex - May 30th, 2024: SHE CAN PLAY, a pioneering private football club for girls, hosted its annual presentation evening at the prestigious Chelmsford Racecourse. The event celebrated the outstanding achievements of 12 girls' football teams for the 2023/2024 season, highlighting both individual and team successes.

The evening was graced by special guests, former Arsenal and current London City Lioness professional footballer Danielle Carter and Manchester City professional footballer Ruby Mace, who shared inspiring words and congratulated the young athletes on their hard work and dedication. The presence of such esteemed players added a touch of inspiration and aspiration for the young attendees.

The event, which included a vibrant DJ set from DJ Dan Entertainments, was a fantastic celebration of girls' football in Essex. It provided an opportunity for players, coaches, and families to come together and honor the remarkable progress and achievements of the season. Awards were presented in various categories, recognizing the exceptional talents and contributions of individual players and teams.

The highlight of the night was a special appearance via video link by Fran Kirby, Chelsea's all-time leading goal scorer, who presented the coveted 'SHE CAN PLAY Award.' Her message resonated with the young athletes, emphasising the importance of the SHE CAN PLAY Values, passion, and the limitless possibilities within women's football.

Kat Clifton, founder of SHE CAN PLAY, expressed her pride in the evening's success, stating, "Tonight is a testament to the incredible talent and dedication within our club. We are committed to empowering young female footballers and celebrating their achievements. This event not only honors their hard work but also inspires them to continue striving for excellence."

The SHE CAN PLAY presentation evening was a resounding success, marking another milestone in the club's mission to revolutionize girls' football in the UK. With such events, SHE CAN PLAY continues to foster a supportive and empowering environment for young female athletes to thrive.

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