The Football Rebounder - SHE CAN PLAY
Football Rebounder - SHE CAN PLAY
Football Rebounder - SHE CAN PLAY
Football Rebounder - SHE CAN PLAY


The Football Rebounder

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The football rebounder is an unbelievable piece of equipment that is designed to test and challenge every footballer. Our football rebounder is one of the best pieces of football training equipment on the market for developing young footballers. The rebounder is quick to set up, light weight and great for improving players reaction times, first touch, receiving skills, volleys, half volleys, weight of passes and finishing techniques.

Assemble the Football Rebounder (within 45 seconds) on the field, park or playground. The rebounder is designed to easily adjust to 5 different angles which allows for different types of ball trajectory taking into consideration the technique you are practising.

The ultra-responsive football rebounder net delivers quick training sessions, allowing repetition and increases training speeds. 

Football Rebounder Features
  • Portable and lightweight, includes bag
  • 5ft x 5ft net
  • Designed to absorb passes, shots and throws
  • Quickly adjust angle (5 options) for the desired football drill
  • Ultra-responsive net
  • Versatile piece of training equipment